Target Enrichment for NGS

Agilent’s Sureselect platform supports target enrichment on major NGS platform such as Illumina and Lifetech Ion Torrent. Sureslect protocols and kits have been optimized for in-solution work that are custom designed, along with a catalog product targeting the human exome. The platform is easily scalable and automatable for large, high-throughput studies, introduces little to no bias, and is available for paired- and single-end sequencing. As the cost of next gen sequencing continues to fall, using SureSelect only further enhances that cost-effectiveness, moving your studies of genomic variation forward very quickly and easily.

Molecular Genomics offers a wide range of Next Generation Sequencing Services:

  • NGS Target Enrichment using Agilent Sureselect technologies
  • NGS Target Enrichment using Agilent Haloplex technologies (for human samples)
  • Strand specific RNA-seq and small RNA-seq Service
  • Methyl-seq Service using Sureselect technologies
  • ChIP-seq Service
  • Whole Genome Sequencing Service
  • Custom Bioinformatics and Data Analysis Service

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